Kiborgoch Community Conservancy

Conservancy Details

Land size

6,648 Acres of Land


The Conservancy has an estimated size of 8,500 community members.

Conservancy was demarcated in 1986. and Officially Registered in 2015.


That the name of the conservancy is called Kiborgoch Community Wildlife and Wetland Conservancy.

Located at Loboi, Kapkuikui and Sandai locations of Mochongoi ward in Marigat Sub-County Baringo County and is situated at IKM away from Lake Bogoria National Game Reserve and meters away from Lake Bogoria Spa Resort covering approximately 29.9Km2 which is 6648 Acres of Land currently serving a total population of approximately 8500 community members.


To be a vibrant community wildlife and wetland conservancy within the region.


To conserve wildlife and wetland so as to promote Eco-tourism within Baringo County and the Country at large.


That the conservancy has 8 objectives:-

  • To protect the Environment.
  • To protect the Wildlife.
  • To promote water catchment protection.
  • To promote eco-tourism.
  • Wealth Creation.
  • To promote peace and reconciliation among the communities.
  • To boost community economic development.
  • To conserve the community cultural and natural.

Core Values

  • Transparency and accountability
  • Respect for human dignity
  • Conservation
  • Good governance
  • Integrity
  • Co-operation
  • Hard work
  • Humility
  • Peace
  • Good Morals


  • That the conservancy was initially set aside in early 1960’s as swamp used by the community as a livestock grazing area.
  • That the conservancy was officially registered on 10th March 2015 as an alternative community income generating project.
  • That the conservancy is rich with wildlife animals, vegetation and water resources.
  • That the conservancy area coverage is wide and is viable for wide range of conservancy activities.
  • That the conservancy resource is surrounded by hills and private irrigation and human settlement farms.
  • That the conservancy has good communication network systems though road work system needs development.
  • That the conservancy land is not yet demarcated though part of it has been surveyed.
  • That part of the conservancy land coverage is experiencing some degradation and need urgent rehabilitation.
  • That the conservancy management identified and designated development sites as
      • Ngenyin camp site.
      • Kaptombes, Koibokirwok, Kutwe and Barkiat viewpoints.
      • Mbulbul air strip.
      • Administrative offices site.
      • Flyover site.
      • Conservancy stadium site.
      • Entrance and exit site gates.
  • That the conservancy is registered with the following entities:-

a) Social service department as a Community Based Organization (CBO).
b) Kenya Wildlife Conservancies association (KWCA).
c) Baringo County Conservancies Associations (BCCA).

  • That the conservancy has a constitution (By-Laws).
  • That the conservancy has a record membership of 486 drawn from the three catchment locations —  Loboi  - 145, Kapkuikui - 186 and Sandai - 135.
  • That thc censor ancy serves a total of 1694 households drawn from the three catchment locations - Loboi - 658, Kapkuikui - 303 and Sandai - 733.
  • That the conservancy has 3 members registers (1 for each catchment location).
  • That the conservancy has serialized membership registration receipt books.
  • That the conservancy has minutes for previous and current committee deliberations dating back to 1984.
  • That the conservancy operates a bank account with Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) — Marigat branch.
  • That the conservancy management designed and installed three project sign posts along the conservancy area.
  • That the conservancy has an organogram.
  • That the conservancy has a benefit sharing plan.
  • That the conservancy has a conservation fee rates.
  • That the conservancy management advertised sixteen volunteer staff vacancies recruited through competitive interview process by experts which was successfully done on 16th February 2017.
  • That part of the conservancy area was demarcated around 1986 by elders and leaders.