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To enhance the collective voice of Baringo conservancies through advocacy, capacity building, networking and collaboration for the social economic and environmental development of people living in Baringo.


County Based Regional association Championing for Conservation of Habitats & Wildlife.


BCCA has a current membership of 11 conservancies: 5 being fully operational, 3 at proposed stage and 3 at the formative stage. The conservancies are spread within the three landscapes, the highlands in the south, the larger eastern and northern wooded rangelands and lakes system comprising of Lake Baringo and Lake Bogoria.

Natural Resources: Rangelands, Wildlife & Mineral Resources

Conservancies in Baringo are intended to promote healthy ecosystems that support wildlife, livestock and human needs, including improvement of the conditions of degraded areas by putting in place appropriate mitigation and rehabilitation strategies which ensure regeneration and healing of degraded areas.


BCCA is governed by 13 members being elected representatives of conservancies equally drawn from the three landscapes. Under a new governance structure that seeks to improve the capacity of BCCA, the management committee (board) will be led by an independent skilled chair, responsible to drive strategic development of the association.

Livelihoods and Enterprise Development

The potential of growing compatible sustainable livelihoods in community conservancies is huge, since each conservancy has its own unique products, physical attractions and niche. However, the conservancies are under developed with limited exploitation of these existing opportunities.

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Community wildlife Conservancies

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