More to Come

Proposed Conservancies

1. Chepkirong Conservancy      6. Arabal Conservancy
2. Simot Conservancy      7. Lokis (Kolowa), Conservancy
3. Sinipo Conservancy      8. Tomolokwo, Conservancy
4. Lelbatai Conservancy      9. Mt. Tiaty
5. Emsos Conservancy      10. Silale Transboundary


Ruko Community Conservancy was formed in 2008.

Ngenyin Community Conservation Area

Is located along the shores of Lake Baringo

Chuine Wildlife Conservancy

The conservancy is a C.B.O & a member of BCCA.

Irong Community Conservancy

To Enhance greater Kudus Corridors

Kiborgoch Community Conservancy

Conserving Wildlife and Wetlands.

Kaptuya Community Wildlife Conservancy

Kaptuya Community Wildlife Conservancy

There are now 11 conservancies in Baringo County fully managed by the Local Communities.

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