Irong Community Conservancy

Conservancy Details


Irong is home to the Endorois community and they live adjacent to the llchamus, the Bokor Keben, and Lembus communities.  The  Endorois are a pastoralist community who are approximately 60,000 indigenous people, who have resided in the Lake Bogoria area of Kenya for the past centuries

Conservancy formed in 2008.

Specific Objective

To establish Greater Kudus corridor and niches within the Irong Community Conservancy.

Irong is a newly discovered Archeological Site (Geopark)


Irong Community Conservancy is a community forest set aside as community land that sits atop a hill. It covers five Location namely Kapkuikui, Loboi, Kamar and Kaibosoi, in Mochongoi and Emining wards in Marigat and Mogotio Sub- counties, Baringo County, Rift V alley Region in Kenya. It is located 25km from Marigat, the larger commercial  town closest to the conservancy.

Project Summary

The Kenya Great Rift Valley Lake System inscribed in the Natural World Heritage list in 2011, is composed of three inter-linked relatively shallow alkaline lakes — Lake Bogoria, Lake Nakuru and Lake Elementaita and their surrounding territories. The project will support community-based organizations and networks covering the Lake Bogoria Basin e.g the Water Resources Users Association, Baringo County Community Conservancies Association (BCCCA) and the Rift Lakes Conservancies Association (RLCA), SGP will also establish the foundation for future work in the I ake Elementaita sanctuary production landscape by strengthening the association of stakeholders in the area — the Greater Lake Elementaita Conservation Area, and ensuring that it will operate as a multi-stakeholder platform for this landscape.

The project proposes to enhance wild animals' corridors and niches to minimize human wildlife conflict within the conservancy. The conservancy is at risk of environmental degradation arising ’com unsustainable resource expIoitation. The challenges will be addressed through community based sustainable biodiversity conservation management approaches. Lake Bogoria Landscape is being recognized internationally in terms of biodiversity and therefore there is need to conserve and regain its originality. The proposal will be implemented in Irong Community Conservancy.

Beneficiaries are Irong registered members and the community in five locations: Kapkuikui, Loboi, Kaibos Soi, Kaibosoi and Kamar Locations in Mochongoi and Emining wards in Baringo County. Targeted communities are the Tugen and Endorois (Minority Group)


To establish Greater kudus corridor and niches within the Irong conservancy.

Key Activities

  • Human wild life conflict reduced within the conservancy.
  • Mapping of Greater Kudus paths by use of GPS.
  • Capacity building of the community members on the risk of blockage of Greater Kudus’ corridors and niches.
  • Support safeguarding of the Greater Kudus breeding sites.
  • Study of all selected Greater Kudus possible paths.
  • Zoning of the Greater Kudus habitat

Expected Outputs

  • Establishment of wildlife corridors and niches.
  • Reduction of human wildlife conflict.
  • Protection of wild animals’ habitat.
  • Increase in the population of the Greater Kudus.